About Me

Hi, I'm Sameer Srivastava. I am a UX designer/researcher and a recent graduate from Northwestern University where I studied Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. Through my design-based research project, I have designed, built, and tested over 60 interfaces. My designs range from sketches to paper prototypes to functional web interfaces. I am currently co-creating a brand new curriculum for a master's class in Interaction Design, specifically teaching students to plan and work in an agile manner as well as methodically through their design (we are planning on writing a paper on it!).

Outside of the classroom, I am a passionate member of Design for America (DFA) , a student organization that designs for social impact. I am the co-president of the Northwestern DFA studio, leading over 80 students on project teams. In DFA, I have 3+ years of hands-on design project experience that ranges from creating a new seat belt buckling system for children with cerebral palsy to redesigning the waiting experience for adoptive parents.

I have experience in mockup software - Sketch, Balsamiq, and Marvel. I also has extensive web dev experience in HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, and React.

In my free time, I like to travel and hope to go to all seven continents one day (and space after that). I also enjoy dancing, reading comics, and eating green tea icecream.


Sameer Srivastava