About Me

Hi, I'm Sameer Srivastava! I am a product engineer at Leverege, an Internet of Things company, and a 2017 Venture for America Fellow working in Baltimore. At Leverege, my responsibilities range from conducting the initial user needfinding to implementing production software for multiple clients including Fortune 500 companies. Checkout some articles I have written recently about tech and IoT – IoT Needs Qualitative User Research, No More Servers – FaaS with Firebase Cloud Functions, and The Benefits of IoT in Solar Power Farms.

I recently graduated from Northwestern University where I studied Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. At Northwestern, I conducted Computer Science and Learning Science research as part of the Design, Technology, and Research group within the Delta Lab and co-created the curriculum for a master's class in Interaction Design.

In my free time, I like to travel and hope to go to all seven continents one day (and space after that). I also enjoy dancing, reading comics, and eating pie.


Sameer Srivastava